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Aspen Area Schools

Aspen area schools have risen to the top of Colorado’s public schools in terms of its scores on Colorado’s state-mandated standardized testing. Aspen High, which has always been one of the stronger performers throughout the state of Colorado, has managed to best other high schools in the state by a significant margin.

One of the things that really stands out about the Aspen School District’s test results is that they’re FAR ahead of other districts in the state. In some cases, the district’s high school students bested their counterparts in other parts of the state by as many as 30 percentage points. The vast majority of the district’s students — in high school or in lower grades — scored proficient on the tests; it’s a clear statement that, in Aspen, education is a central priority and an area of shared success for the city’s residents.

Of course, test scores don’t really tell the whole story when it comes to the quality of an education received in Aspen — or anywhere else. In addition to test scores, it’s important for a high school’s teachers to create well-rounded, high-functioning individuals that can enter the adult world with a sound knowledge of each content area. And that’s where the Aspen School District maintains much of its focus throughout the school year.

Though standardized, state-issued tests are an annual requirement for students between third and tenth grade, teachers at Aspen High School are focused strongly on making sure that their students have a rounded education, rather than just good test-taking performance. That approach prepares them for a strong and successful college career, and makes their transition into post-secondary academic environments that much easier.

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